• The Taker (with Bonus Content)

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    WhiteShore Films introduces "The Taker", a saga about a family trying to endure after the Taker wrecks havoc upon their lives. Emotionally gripping, with a powerful message on the importance of family, you will be captivated with WhiteShore Films' debut film in their expanding universe.

  • Ping-Pong Master (with Bonus Content)

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    WhiteShore Films' debut short film, "Ping-Pong Master". Filled with swords, mustaches, and epic battles, this comedic movie will take you on a wild journey unlike any other. The best thing about it, it's a great film that the whole family can enjoy!

    This package also includes a hilarious bloop...

  • The First Year

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    In this bundle, you will be able to watch - for the first time ever - the first three short films produced by WhiteShore Films in 2011! Up until this point, these films have never been released to the public, either because of their low quality or uncompleted progress. But now, they are available...

  • The Short Collection

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    Here are all our short films, now available in one package!
    "The Invisibles" (2011)
    "One Survivor" (2011)
    "Ping-Pong Master" (2011)
    "The Taker" (2012)
    "The Innocent Victim" (2014)
    You wil be able to see the development of quality over the span of these five films.

  • The Innocent Victim (with bonus content)

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    Tim returns from war, but is still troubled by dreams he has of someone dear to him killing him. He makes the horrifying discovery that his own mother had him aborted twenty years ago... and he never even existed...

    This is a film that deals with a very critical issue in our culture... is life...